Who We Are

Amicis Research Center (ARC) is a leading independent integrative clinical research organization that implements clinical trials and services in medical practices to advance the clinical research industry. It increases access to clinical research trials, offers research-specific experienced personnel and equipment, and manages every managerial detail of the entire trial process to make it seamless and easy for clients. ARC works diligently to confront potential weaknesses and deficiencies in the clinical research sector with its mantra of enthusiasm, motivation, and empathy. With it, ARC helps encapsulate the clinical and business aspects of their credo into every trial and collaboration they undertake.

We are here to help you conduct phase 1 to phase 4 clinical trials. ARC offers the option to conduct these projects at the convenience of a physicians medical practice and/or ARC’s very own research center.

ARC handles all aspects of clinical research which include: site administration, organization, physician recruitment, study procurement, training and education on clinical research technology and enrolment. ARC shoulders the responsibility and commitment to promptly address any profound issues in the clinical research industry.